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An exciting Hotel Story

The Hotel Terminus has a long interesting story. It has been in the same family since 1923.

During the seventeenth century there was a two story wooden house on the ground, where the hotel is now situated. The house was surrounded by a large garden with slopes down to the waterfront. In 1751 a disastrous fire started in the neighbourhood destroying not only the house but The Clara church as well.

After the fire a stone building was erected facing the small street, which leads up to the church. The building was extended during the next century. The major works were carried out in 1864 and 1884 creating four stories and a new facade towards the main street Vasagatan. It was partly occupied by the owners and was passed on within different noble families.

After the Central Railway Station was built in 1871 connecting the main railway networks in the country, which had been separated until then, the street in front of the station became a perfect location for hotels. However it took some time before more frequent travelling became common and a hotel was realized in this place.

In 1909 a fifth floor was added and the property was rebuilt to an hotel with 85 guest rooms. During the years from 1930 to 1950 the hotel was gradually modernized and bathrooms were installed in some of the rooms.

In the 1970s and 1980s the hotel was enlarged to 155 rooms by adding a new floor and extending the building around the inner courtyard. A restaurant was opened on the ground floor. At the same time the hotel was totally refurbished offering a high standard and comfort.

All the premises, hotel lobby, reception, restaurants and rooms with adjoining bathrooms are continuously being refurbished to give the guests a pleasant stay in a historical yet modern atmosphere.

Clara church just behind the Hotel Terminus was founded in 1289 and is one of Stockholm's oldest churches. Carl Michael Bellman's memory stone in the graveyard.
For over a century, the Hotel Terminus has been a home for both business and leisure guests a quiet and pleasant atmosphere for rest and recovery in the middle of Stockholm city puls.

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